Cook 1:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Cook 1:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Handle knives and kitchen tools properly. We are now hiring for Cooks to work in our flight kitchen located at the Chicago airport for the PM shift….

Gate Gourmet
Chicago, IL 60666

From Indeed 26 days ago

Summer is a popular time to get work down around the house. Whether you are having new flooring installed, redesigning your kitchen or have the house painted finding a reputable contract is vital to ensuring the job is well done. When you allow people to do work in your home you are potentially compromising your safety and the safety of your family.

A lot of home owners provide their contractor with a spare key to their residence or allow them to work unattended when no one is home. While there are thousands of reputable contractors out there, there are also some who you need to be wary of. Even if you know and trust your contractor, chances are you don’t know the people they have hired to help do the job. So how can you be sure that your family and your valuables are safe?

Public Records Search allows you to enter in someone’s name and state and the database performs a rigorous search providing you with information on any prior arrests or convictions. You can see whether or not someone has been charged with everything from driving under the influence and substance abuse to battery, theft or sexual assault.

It is often difficult for people with prior convictions to find steady work so many of them turn to contracting services and perform odd jobs. Before you let people you don’t know into your home and run the potential risk that they could harm your family or steal your property you should run a Public Records Search. Ask your contractor for the names of everyone who will be working in and around your house and check out if they have a record. You may even want to ID people when they show up for the job so you can be sure they are who they claim to be.

Public Records Search is fast and easy, but it is an important step to ensuring your safety.

Run an online online background check and find out what people might be hiding from you. You’ll be surprised what you could uncover about your neighbors, friends and new boyfriends in the family.

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