How to be Uber-Successful in Networking Marketing

Do you really want to be successful in network marketing? Well, it isn’t really that hard, I mean this isn’t rocket science. Well, the products you are involved with maybe quite advanced, but hey, that part is already done for you. And obviously the business wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t demand, desire, and/or a need for the product or service right? Sure, that all makes logical sense, so it should be a walk in the park right?

Apparently, it can be, or not, but mostly it depends on you. You see, you can go along with the program, learn from your up-line, graciously take the support you need, and thank them for all they do for you – or you can become combative, negative, and anti-social about the whole thing. Look I am not here to point fingers at anyone, only to get you to look in your own mirror at little. Now then, if you are ready to listen and learn, I will explain to you how to be Uber-Successful in Network Marketing!

Get Involved
Follow the Plan
Be a Team Player
Will Your Success
Believe to Achieve
Absorb Information as a Child
Depart Wisdom as a Grandparent
Do What You Say You are Going to Do
Make Perseverance You New Middle Name

And you must realize ethics are of paramount importance as well. You must be “solid” as a rock when it comes to ethical business practices. Lastly, you must be on a mission to help people, your down-line, as well as those who don’t sign up and instead become the best customers of your products.

Now then, let me tell you some of my experiences in Franchising, no it’s not the same as MLM exactly, but there are enough parallels to be worthy of note. You see, I always told my franchisees to follow the business model and business plan – and to; “fail my way first!” In other words, follow the program don’t try to re-write it. And if you follow my plan and it doesn’t work out, then you can try some new off-the-wall strategy instead.

Indeed, I always asked my franchisees to promise me that. Did they always follow through? The successful ones did, but no not everyone made good on that promise to me, and you know, as I look back it’s really too bad for them, that they didn’t listen. It was always interesting to me why some people failed while others did better than I’d ever have imagined. If you want to be Uber-Successful in MLM please consider what I’ve said here.

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