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The Nikon Coolpix P90 is 1 of the new breed of super zoom digital cameras. Additionally to 24x zoom the lens has wide angle capabilities. Not so lengthy ago the maximum quantity of zoom accessible with a compact digital camera was 12x, so the Coolpix P90 offers twice this quantity of zoom. A wide angle lens helps you to squeeze far more of a scene into a picture. This can make a substantial distinction should you like to photograph sweeping landscapes or takes shots of groups of individuals.

It’s much more or much less impossible to produce a tiny lens that offers the flexibility that the Coolpix P90 does. Consequently it’s no surprise to see the larger physical size of this camera. This tends to lead to far better overall picture top quality. 1 region where this is noticeable is with close up photography. When you take pleasure in taking macro shots, but don’t need to step up to a Digital SLR then this kind of camera tends to be a great bet.

The 1 downside in terms of picture high quality is purple fringing. Purple fringing is where a thin purple line is added to the edge of a brightly coloured object, where the object is caught by a light source for instance the sun. I discovered purple fringing to be fairly an issue with the Coolpix P90. This crops up when the lens is fully extended or near to full extension, when the light is bright and you will discover light coloured objects within the shot. As an example I typically see this around window frames on sunny days. With most digital cameras with lengthy lenses it’s only genuinely noticeable with larger sized prints. This time around I could see the issue with any print size above snapshot size. Even though this could be cleaned up fairly quickly in Photoshop or some thing comparable, this is certainly a negative mark against the camera.

The purple fringing problem is really a shame for the reason that that point aside I was impressed with the test shots I produced with the Coolpix P90. As with other Nikon digital cameras I like the colours the camera produces. I am not certain how they manage to do it, but pictures taken with Nikon compact digital cameras tend to be brighter than other brands. I come across this gives the pictures a vivid look and helps to bring them to life.

When it comes to features you will find lots of advanced alternatives obtainable to you. As is the norm on this sort of camera you will discover manual exposure modes such as aperture priority and shutter priority obtainable to you, letting you select the aperture size and shutter speed to suit the photo chance. Image stabilisation is out there to support combat any camera shake. An additional feature worth a mention is the three inch LCD screen. The screen pulls out from the camera body and you are able to adjust its angle for shooting.

Recently Canon and Sony have introduced comparable cameras, but with an upgraded sensor. The principal attraction of the change in sensor is it gives a camera the capacity to reel off a series of shots quite quickly. The Coolpix P90 is able to fire off up to 15 frames per second, but the problem is you’ve to drop the resolution down to three megapixels prior to the camera is able to reach that speed. High frame per second speeds are fantastic for sports and wildlife. It might be very an attraction with this kind of camera as the length of the lens helps to bring distant subjects into range.

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