CDL Tests: Tips and Information

If you are planning to become a truck driver and enter the world of trucking industry, here are some information that you may need to know in order to fulfill the requirements that company are looking for.  

Basically, trucking companies required that their drivers are at least 21 years old for interstate travel and at least 18 years old for intrastate travel. You may also be asked to pass the DOT physical exam, drug testing exam, you must also have a valid driver’s license issued in the state where you live and most of all you must have the CDL or the commercial driver’s license. This will be your pass to enter the industry of trucking. You will obtain your CDL license by attending a training and passing the exams given. Some companies are also willing to pay for the training. The CDL license will allow you to drive trucks with more than 26,000 lbs capacity.  

After you undergo weeks of training in a CDL class you will going to take a CDL test to measure how much you learn from the training and to know if you are eligible for the license. The CDL exam is composed of two parts. The first part is the General Knowledge Test and the second part is the Road Driving Test.
The first part is a written exam which includes subjects like airbrakes, cargo vehicles, combination vehicles, tank vehicles, passenger vehicles, hazardous materials, doubles and triples and school bus endorsements.

The second part which is the driving test includes the pre trip safety inspection, and your driving skills on the road. You will be able to learn all the things that will be included in the test through training. It is not difficult to pass the CDL test as long as you are determined and dedicated to what you are doing.

Here are some tips on how you can prepare for your CDL exam. These are just simple tips but will definitely help. First, you must have a study schedule. This will allow you to maximize your studying time. Mornings is the best time to study and review your lessons because your mind is still very fresh.  It will also be helpful if you make an exam for yourself after your review. It will be better if you understand your lessons and not just memorizing them.

Don’t forget to have enough sleep, eat well before the examination day. It will help you to feel relaxed and make your mind work better. Practice will also help you a lot. Remember to put your heart and dedication with hat you are doing. With this, you can be sure of passing the exam and get your CDL license.

After you have passed your CDL test and get your license, you are now ready to work. But there are still some other  requirements and endorsements that you may need to pass depends on the kind of truck you are going to drive, types of materials you are going to transport or the job you are going to do.

Here are some of those endorsements that you may need.

Airbrakes endorsement – it is required for drivers who are going to drive vehicles with airbrakes like buses or trailers.

Hazardous Material Endorsement – required for drivers who are going to transport hazardous material (HAZMAT).To have this endorsement, you must know all the rules and regulations with regards to transport of these kinds of materials.

Cargo Endorsement – needed for people who transport cargoes

Tank Vehicle Endorsement – required for hauling liquids. This requires special training because the center of gravity and the movement of the liquid may cause a roll over easier than other vehicles.

Those are some of the common endorsements that a truck driver might need to have. Others are passenger endorsement, combination vehicle endorsement, and doubles and triples endorsements.

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