Philosophy Body Count: Privatized Prison Corporate Enterprises!: The 21st Century “Slave System” in America

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"Private Prison Enterprising Corporations" has established a lucrative and booming "private prison industry". The corrections corporation of America (CCA), and GEO Group, the nation's two largest owners of "private prisons industrial complexes across America, has seen its revenues climb by more than "500 percent" in the last two decades. and "CCA" wants to get much, much bigger: last year, the company made an offer to 48 governor's to buy and operate their state-funded prison's. Yet, what made CCA's pitch to those governor's so audacious and shocking, was that it included so-called "occupancy" requirements, a clause demanding the state to keep those newly privatized prisons at least, to a 90 percent capacity at all times; regardless, of whether crime is rising or decreasing nationally. Occupancy requirements, as it turns out, is common practice within the private prison industry. A new report by "In the Public Interest", and "Anti-Privatization Group", reviewed 62 con tracts for private prisons operating around the country at the local and state levels. "In the Public Interest", found that 41 of those contracts included occupancy requirements mandating that local or state governments keep those facilities between 90 to 100 percent full annually. In other words, whether crime is rising or falling, the state must keep these beds full, in waging this incredible "slave system" enterprise. Private prison venture-capitalist investor's, are guaranteed profits, regardless if prison occupancy falls short of one hundred percent prison inmate occupancy. Human cargo, is the commodity that guarantees enormous profits. However, as we very well perceive, minorities, marginal citizens, illegal immigrants, and poor citizens, along with "detained foreign immigrants" (no legal convictions), will assume the prisons "work force"; which is regulated by "Private Prison Enterprising Corporations". These "slave oriented corporations" have supported and helped write "a three strikes" and "truth in sentencing laws" that drive up prison populations. Their livelihoods depends on American Towns, Cities, and States sending more people to private prisons across America, and keeping them their to labor for;0.25 cents per hour to the maximum of $1.75 cents an hour. The wage $1.75 cents an hour is paid to educated professional and technically advanced prison inmates. Noteworthy: "It's estimated that the state of Colorado alone, not including the many other "private prison facilities, and immigrant detention centers; wasted at least two million dollars of taxpayers money by using CCA's prisons, instead of it own "state prison" facilities. It's estimated that African-Americans, minorities, immigrants, and poor Whites are profiled and censured by "social scientist", who are on the payrolls of "Private Prison Enterprising Corporations"; that forecast the numbers of potential candidates that will enable this 21st century "slave system venture-capital enterprising system" to grow larger and larger as time dictates. However, we will witness the "homeless" citizens of America, being corralled into these "Private Prisons" at enormous "Body-Count" rates, within the near to present years to come...

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