Restaurant FOH Crew Member / Staffer

Restaurant FOH Crew Member / Staffer

Prior expereince as a food runner, waiter, waitress, server, expo or other foh part time restaurant job highly desirable….

Oak Lawn, IL 60453

From Hooter’s 11 days ago

If you love the True Blood television series and you are looking for a costume idea, then consider creating a Sookie Stackhouse Halloween costume. True Blood can be defined as a TV programme created from the Sookie Stackhouse novels. It has really become famous. Sookie Stackhouse can be described as an attractive blond that is involved with Bill Compton, who is a somewhat extremely formidable vampire. She has a handsome brother, and she is also a telepath. Sookie can be described as a vitally major character in the True Blood series, and this character is performed by an actress called Anna Paquin. Being a very strong lady, she is a superb role model for women around the globe, and thus a wonderful option for any Halloween costume.

A Sookie Stackhouse Halloween party fancy dress outfit might be quite simple to purchase for any young lady who has her own blonde hair. You just need to dress in a pair of tight mini shorts, any white tee shirt, and scrape all your hair upwards in a pony. And there you go!! Your Sookie Stackhouse outfit is complete! If you are one of the many non-blondes out there or one of those with longer hair, this could be a tad harder to manage.

This is the reason wigs can be bought to wear with a Sookie Halloween costume or for some other costume you can think of. You’ll be able to effortlessly discover wigs and other hair accessories designed to give you a Sookie style regardless of your hair length or colour. Most of these wigs and wig accessories are offered reasonably cheaply on the web.

To be a real Sookie Stackhouse, you will definitely also really want to try to find the right Halloween outfit. This kind of costume includes the barmaid t-shirt. This is very important given that the bar name in the television show, Merlotte’s Bar and Grille, is actually unique. Your costume also needs to feature a bar maid’s apron. You may finish your outfit with a pair of black figure hugging, tennis shoes, a pad and pencil.

This is a really easy costume to put together and all you need is your own Bill Compton and you are sure to be the Southern belle of your Halloween ball.

A Sookie Stackhouse costume is a fun outfit for the Halloween season. Find out more about where to buy your Sookie Stackhouse Halloween costume online today.

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