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Since July 3 C Lo said he was a father, the illegitimate son of speculation about its mysterious have never interruption. C Lo insisted that the Portuguese media in the United States have a son by surrogate. British media is that the C Lo can not be gay, imitation Singer Ricky Martin’s surrogate twins inexplicable. Yesterday, the British “Sunday Mirror” is proved by investigating: C Lo is a one-night stand in the United States last year after the “successful”, and the mother’s identity is a Jiu Banv waiter.

Holiday hooked waiters U.S.

For C Lo illegitimate origins, there are media that C Lo found a surrogate mother in the United States, in order to allow his son to have the looks, he even chose a very glamorous prostitutes. Also the media that, C Lo’s mother was a Spaniard, a small CR derived from one-night stand. England “Sunday Mirror” yesterday, another argument is given, C Lo is in Los Angeles last June when playing one-night stand, careless with his son.

In June last year, C Luo holiday in the United States, he and Paris Hilton once had a passion for “collision.” According to the “Sunday Mirror” revealed to C sub Aventure Rhode occurred in a restaurant. C Lo spotted at a glance, a waitress, he directly said, “You, me, love it.” The name of the maid was very surprised at first, the Portuguese immediately change its strategy plays a game of romance. The window in the restaurant, C Lo draw the shape of the heart, saying, “You, me, kiss me.” The name of the waitress finally came to understand that night with him on a Spring Night in the hotel CPC degrees.

C Lo himself never thought that saw the waitress, but the poor woman a U.S. C Lo recently found a broker Mendes, and claimed to have a C Lo flesh. C Lo on this somewhat difficult to accept, he chose to conduct DNA paternity identification. The results showed that the baby was born in March were really the next generation of C Law, former captain of Portugal during the World Cup is that the identification results. Now you’ll understand why the C Lo poor performance in the World Cup and the great anger of the bar.

C Lo bought his mother ordered custody of his son

After determining I had a son, C Luo Duoluolaisi immediately inform the mother. This is Duoluolaisi first grandchild, she ordered C Lo must get the children back to Portugal, Romania by her sister, and C with support. In order to get exclusive custody of his son, but also shut up the American waitress, C Luo paid her a total of 1,000 million pounds, and in the July 3 announcement that she had through the microblogging children.

C Luo Wei Bo wrote: “With great joy and excitement, here to inform you: I recently became a father, the child is a boy. The child’s mother wants her identity kept confidential, on this point and I She has reached a consensus, the child will be under my special care. For this, no other further information, I hope you will fully respect the … … “

“I feel like, like Becker,” C Lo settled the matter in this way to the friend said. Former German tennis star Boris Becker as a restaurant hostess and education have an illegitimate child, the wife requested a divorce after that, Becker lost so much money. But C Lo also claims he does not care that 10 million pounds. Because C Lo think they worth 1 billion pounds, while he did not reach the peak of his career.

C Luo friends also revealed that Real Madrid will not let his son know that 9 his personal life, the small CR after the age of 18 will know who his mother. However, this wishful intention Luo C, but may not be able to work. After all, the network information is now so advanced, while the small C Lo immediately after birth to become celebrities. To withhold his son’s life experience, C Lo can not let him first learn how to use computers. Even if his son will use the computer, C Luo also must not let him learn how to use a search engine … …

C Lo supermodel fiancee is willing to support an illegitimate child

Beijing July 19, “Gazzetta dello Sport” message, C Luo’s fiancee, the Russian supermodel Irina at Facebook, said she would before Christmas in 2010, and C Lo officially married. Irina on her Facebook, wrote: “Our wedding will be held before Christmas, I want to help him raise his son, although at first I was shocked on the matter.”

23-year-old Irina four months ago and the C Lo engagement, according to Russia’s “Express” said that this is under C Lo pleaded hard, before agreeing to marry Irina C Lo. But I never thought between her and the C Luo, should be so fast to a “third party.” Initial speculation that C is the mother of the son of Irina Lo, but the British “Sunday Mirror” that, C is the mother of his son Lo bar waitress in Los Angeles.

Irina and C Lo jealous that people love is taking a look at them from Irina, C Lo C Lo engagement has been praying to leave Irina, and has established a network of communities “C Romania will soon abandon Iraq Lena! “But Irina respond with concrete actions of people who were jealous of speculation.

With Houyilina local Portuguese newspaper through, “Romania Post” published a statement: “Now there will be a big news (and C Luo marriage). I love my boyfriend, I love my life, I love Portugal. I will help raise the child of my boyfriend. “

According to the “Gazzetta dello Sport” analysis, Irina declaration of marriage is likely to be true, because the child is born, C Luo to the waitress of 1000 million euros to pay hush money, and he needs to find a right for the child ” mother. ” And Irina married as soon as possible, to solve this problem.

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