Quick Tips For the Top Performing CDL Truck Driver

When you’re a truck driver your income is often times subject to your performance. If your ultimate goal is to be a top performer, or high-income earner, than these tips should aide in your efforts. We know CDL jobs are tough enough. They can be even tougher if you deliver late loads. Not only do they make you look bad to customers but also it can ultimately affect your paycheck. Anything that can help you avoid that is usually a much welcomed.

Here are three tips to keep you performing at the top of your game.

Practice good trip planning skills.
As mentioned above late loads can affect your income. Late loads are like dominos only as the next trip gets knocked forward, a little of your earning potential is lost. Some drivers say it is lost for good. So, start with a good trip plan.

Keep tabs on your logs.
These days a lot of folks are using paperless logs. You still want to keep an eye on your logs. Obviously if you want to make a good trip plan you will have to understand your logs well. Keeping good logs will help you avoid a very expensive “out of service.”

Remember that knowing how to drive a tractor-trailer efficiently and knowing how to run a business efficiently are two different things.
Make a very simple business plan. This will keep you focused and goal orientated. Also you will be able to compare your progress to the goals in your plan. Constantly making decisions that have your business plan in mind will keep your level of performance high.

Make a Budget and Keep to it.
Since your going to have a business plan, make sure you include a budget for food and maintenance. If you’re leasing your equipment with one of the larger carriers, they will most likely collect for maintenance. If not, budget for it. Something will always come up and if you already have budgeted for the expense, it won’t be such a shocker. Budgeting for food can also be a huge benefit to you. A lot of drivers spend a large percentage of their profits on truck stop. Search the web and you will find a list of some healthy snacks for when you on the road.

Follow these tips and you will be able to be a profitable high performing CDL Truck Driver.

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