Prior serving / food service experience is preferred. We have an opening for 10 part-time WAITER/WAITRESS position….

Compass Group
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From Compass Group USA 30 days ago

Before beginning your resume, spend a little time organizing your workspace and gather the appropriate resource material. It doesn’t matter is you are putting together waitress resume examples or sales resume examples you should put together a “job search central,” a spot where you keep all your job search material well organized and at hand. Through out your search you will be generating notes, copies, correspondence, want ads, newspaper classifieds, and other related materials.

You will need a filing and organizing system that allows you to put your hands on the appropriate document at a moment’s notice. Wouldn’t it be great that when you get a phone call from a prospective employer to a resume you sent out, you’ll sound professional and competent if you can immediately access who you are speaking to and what you sent them.

There are several resource materials you should gather before starting to write your resume. First, find a copy of old versions of your resume. You will be surprised at the details included in there of past positions that you may have forgotten about that are very relevant to your current job search.

These older resumes will also make it a simple matter for you to remember certain details like dates of employment, education seminars and so forth. Next try to obtain any performance reports you may have from previous positions. These can be excellent resources to remember certain accomplishments that were recognized by upper management that can be utilized in your resume but also on the job interview. Complimentary letters from supervisors, clients, coworkers, or other professional contacts are other good resources to gather before starting to write your resume.

You may be able to create your resume in a day or even an afternoon, or it may take you several days or weeks to get it right. It is important that you allow enough time for the process, beginning with serious introspection into your career goals then writing and editing and finally sharing your draft with a few trusted people before you launch your job search.

Don’t shortchange yourself by rushing through the resume preparation task, just to get a resume out there, perhaps to networking contacts or recruiters who are awaiting your resume for a current career opportunity. Take the time to do your resume thoroughly, and you will have a valuable document that will make every subsequent stage of your job search ,ore positive and productive.

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