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Philadelphia’s transport system is very effective. Mostly large cities have a problem of transportation, but Philadelphia’s natives have a number of transportation options available. We have to give full credits to the government authorities to provide such effective walking and driving options.

Taking a taxi in Philadelphia city is more expensive than in other cities. Philadelphia Parking Authority regulates taxi fares in the city. The authority was established in 1950, the main aim of which was to regulate transportation services for the general public and provide a sound footing for economic growth.

It is compulsory for every taxi/cab to carry the predefined fare structure. Authorities suggest people to avoid “Gypsy Taxis”. These taxis are not permitted legally by the government and are much expensive when compared with the general city cabs/taxis.

The rates specified by the organization are clear cut and leave no room for speculation. For the first one tenth of a mile the customer will be charged 2.70 USD. 0.23 USD would be charged for every subsequent one tenth of a mile. 0.23 USD will be charged for every 37.6 seconds of waiting.

If the customers board the taxis from airport, then the minimum charge would be 11 USD. During the course of journey, all the toll charges need to be paid by the customer. If the customer only pays one way charges, the drivers needs to be compensated for the return toll charges.

Also, a minimum rate of 11 USD is defined for journeys starting from the airport. All toll taxes are to be paid by the customer. If the toll amount only covers the one way travel, then the driver has to be compensated for the return toll tax.

The airport egress fee will be included separately in the cost if it is not already included in the fee. Currently there is no fuel surcharge or luggage charge for the cabs/ taxis running in the region.

There are a number of taxi/cab services available in Philadelphia including VictoryDispatch, City cab co, Olde City Taxi and Liberty Cab co.

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