What Size Of Packages Can Bike Messengers Transport?

When you are shipping small packages within the downtown area of a single city, using a bike messenger can often be the fastest and most cost effective way to move your deliveries. However, messenger services in Chicago will tell you that there is always a limit to the size of the packages that can be carried by their bike messengers. It is important to know what these limits are before you order a pickup, as it will save you from any inconvenience which would arise if you ordered a pickup and the messenger had to refuse to take the shipment.

Bike messengers are limited by the size of their vehicles. To carry packages which are larger than a certain size would not only be difficult for them, but could even potentially be dangerous. When someone on a bicycle tries to carry oversized or overweight packages, it could make it dangerous for them to control their vehicle at the speeds at which they need to travel.

Packages are limited by size and weight when they are being transported by a bicycle messenger. The size is an easier thing to determine, because there is not often a set size on the package. Instead, common sense rules the day when it comes to what size bike messengers can transport. Anything which is so large which it would be impractical to carry on a bicycle will likely be refused by the courier when they come to pick up your package. Typically speaking, the shipment should fit easily inside a messenger bag in order to send it with a bicycle courier.

From a weight perspective, the limit is much more absolute. When it comes to the weight of a shipment, it is usually assumed that the courier will not take packages which weigh any more than 10lbs. When it comes to weight, you have to realize that the courier company will often have the bicycle messenger make several pickups at a time. This means they could have several packages at once on their person, so if they were picking up packages which weight more than 10lbs, they would quickly become to burdened to practically carry their load.

Always remember that a bicycle courier has the right to refuse a package which you want them to pickup. Make sure you only request a bicycle messenger to pick up a package which it would be practical and safe for them to carry.

Zachary Malone is a consultant for messenger service in chicago and chicago medical delivery services companies as well as national courier service businesses.

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