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As a worker, whether you belong to the construction industry or to the general industry; whether you belong to a private company or a government funded unit; you have every right to remain safe at work. When the OSH Act was first passed in 1970, it helped largely in reducing and preventing workers from being killed or harmed at their workplaces. This particular law makes it necessary for employers to make sure that the workplace working conditions are free of all known dangers.

OSHA was first created to ensure and enforce safety at the workplace. OSHA has laid down a set of safety and health workplace standards that provide information that can be used to train and assist workers as well as employers. So, if you are a worker, you have every right to file a complaint against your company’s safety practices and OSHA will then inspect your workplace to check if the company is following the OSHA standards properly.

Under the OSH Act, workers are entitled to safe and healthy working conditions that in no way expose them hazards and risks. To ensure that a workplace is completely safe, OSHA also provides all workers with the right to:

Request OSHA to come inspect his or her workplace.

Use these special rights without discrimination or not in retaliation.

Receive training and information about workplace hazards, ways to identify them, ways to prevent them, and the OSHA standards that apply to various industries. Training should ideally be held in a language that the worker can understand.

Receive copies of all test results in order to find hazards at the workplace.

Review past workplace relates cases of injuries and illnesses.

Receive a copy of their medical records.

OSHA covers workers from all aspects of life, namely:

1.Private Sector Workers

2.State & Local Government Workers

3.Federal Government Workers

OSHA gives workers the right to file a complaint against their company, if the need arises. In such a case, OSHA will come and inspect the workplace to check for serious hazards or non-compliance issues. All of this can be done without mentioning the workers name. It is very important to note that if an employer fires, demotes, transfers or discriminates any workers for filing a complaint, he or she will be violating the Act.

Complaints can be filed online or the form can be downloaded from the OSHA site and faxed to the nearest OSHA office. You can also call the OSHA helpline. Most online complaints are generally resolved informally through a telephone call with your employer. If a written complaint is signed by the worker and submitted with OSHA, then this will generally result in an on-site inspection.

During the OSHA inspection, workers can:

Go along with the OSHA inspector.

Talk privately with the inspectors.

Actively take part in meetings and hold discussions with the employer and the inspector.

If the inspector finds any violations in the OSHA standards, or any serious hazards, he or she will issue citations and fines.

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