Mixing Operator – All Shifts

Mixing Operator – All Shifts

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From Griffith Foods 4 days ago

Everyone loves the luxurious and comfortable lifestyle and wants to spend lesser time and efforts to do household chores, even a busy lifestyle pattern is one of the reasons for all of it, and in series to facilitate specially your kitchen work “Bajaj” the most recognized Indian brand comes with the all new series of Bajaj Food processors. These multitasking food processors help out to perform you effort and time consuming work so efficiently and effectively. Though there are number of brands in the market, but Bajaj is the leading one because of its unique and innovative techniques, features and designs.

Bajaj has two different-different models in food processors FS10FOOD FACTORY & FX11 FOOD FACTORY. FXIO FOOD FACTORY is power packed with 600 watts, 18000 RPM motor with 5 years of guarantee, it has got bowls with a lid and 1.5 ltrs of liquidizing jar with a interchangeable blades and their body is made up of unbreakable poly carbonate stainless steel, additionally, grinding and chutney jar are given to facilitate your grinding, blending, shredding chopping, French fry making, chutney and batter making and mixing work, which can be done by changing its interchangeable blades according to your task. Its citrus and centrifugal juicer is to provide you fresh and disinfected and healthy fruit and vegetable juices with three speed control options and interchangeable blades facility for executing momentary operations, a spatula is provided too to make blade removal and washing easier and for proper mixing of batter and chutney. This compact and attractive designed “FX10 food factory” processor available

in the market with the MRP of around Rs. 5395.00 FX11 FOOD FACTORY too is loaded with a powerful 600 watts and 18000 RPM motor with the guarantee of 5 years; you can chop, shred, dice and slice the fruit and vegetables, grind, mix, blend, make chutney and batter, kneading through its interchangeable and multifunctional blades. It has attachment of 3 jars named liquidizing jar of 1.5 ltrs and grinding and chutney making of 1.0 ltrs capacity made up of unbreakable polycarbonate stainless steel which increase its durability. Same as FX10 Food factory, it has a citrus and centrifugal juicer with 3 speed options and facility of momentary operations. It has got a spatula that facilitates the mixing of batter and removal of blades; it has got the unique feature of safety interlock so that kids and unauthorized people can not operate it.

Bajaj’s these two FX10 and FX11 food factories are time, energy and power saver and you can get these food processors at very affordable prices, so now put your efforts in more creative and developing works and Bajaj food processors are here to perfectly manage your kitchen work.

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