Train Conductor Finds A Way To Stay In Touch While He Is Working

Not too long ago the only mobile broadband internet available was satellite internet. This was also only available to people with recreational vehicles, truck drivers, or people with boats. It was only available to those of which didn’t mind having a satellite dish plastered to the side of their vehicle. In recent years, mobile wireless broadband internet has become available, and it does not require a satellite dish. In addition to that, it also provides mobility as it never needs to be connected to any wires, whereas the satellite internet needed to be connected to the satellite dish for the internet to function. With the new 4G Broadband Internet, people travelling in automobiles will now be able to connect to the internet as they travel down the highway.

Pete was living in Seattle, Washington, when he got a job on the railroad. He had been working as a longshoreman at the port, but he was tired of that job and moved to the rail yard. He was a quick learner and came up fast. Soon he was working as a brakeman on one of the locomotives. In this position he only needed a couple more promotions to be the driver of the train. This was a great paying job with amazing benefits and it was what Pete had always dreamed of.

Pete started taking short trips to the neighboring states on the freight train. The days were long and sometimes could be very hard depending on the weather. The trips would often last a couple days or more, but that was alright because he didn’t have any family at home. That quickly changed however when Pete met a nice girl at a bar one night when he had some time off. They grew very fond of each other and started dating seriously.

They soon got married and shortly thereafter Pete received another promotion and moved up to the position of conductor on the train. He was second in command and he and the engineer would take turns at the helm on the long hauls. They each had a small compartment with their belongings and personal effects, including a television. The television signals would fade in and out as the train rolled across the country.

A lot of his trips were hauling Japanese autos from the port in Seattle to Omaha, Nebraska, where they would go different directions by rail or truck. Pete wanted to keep in touch with his wife by email, but the only time he could do that was when they reached their final destination and they put up in a hotel for a nights before the return trip. However, this quickly changed after Pete discovered the cellular 4G broadband data networks that existed all over the country. He purchased an adapter so he could keep in touch on the long trips. In addition to sending emails, he could also watch television shows, movies, and listen to music over the network.

After seeing an advertisement for the MagicJack he decided to purchase one and then he was able to call his wife anytime of the night as he was resting in his cabin. With the 4G network, Pete was able to feel a lot closer to home when he was working on the railroad. After Pete let the engineer try it out, he had to go out and get one for himself.

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