How School Has Changed With Satellite Internet

In this economy, jobs are few and far between. Maybe people are giving up looking for something profitable to do as work. This seems to be a fruitless battle. Instead, these Americans are instead choosing to go back to school, or to job training programs, in an attempt to sharpen their skills and give their resumes an edge on the uber-competitive job market. But there are a number of stumbling blocks in this plan. The first is cost. Depending on the graduate program you plan to enroll in, you cold be paying up to tens of thousands of dollars per semester for in-state tuition. You also have to decide on a program that will actually end up being lucrative in the end – you do not want to spend all of that time and money only to realize you now have a master’s degree or a certificate in a field that is drying up and not hiring any new workers. So you do your research on satellite Internet to look at different programs, get your student loans and your budget in place, and you feel that you are ready to take on this challenge.

But sadly, once you hammer out all of those details, you also have to face the challenge of actually going back to school! This is one thing if you are just out of school for a few years, having spent your early 20s hopping from job to job but now finding yourself ready to focus in on something. It is quite another if you have been out of school and in the work force for 10 or 20 years! You will be absolutely shocked at how much has changed in that amount of time.

To start, students these days would not know a typewriter if it fell from the sky and hit them on the head. Heck, they probably would not even know a floppy disc! These kids are part of generation satellite Internet – everything, including word processing, is incredibly fast. The average community college student these days can type so fast that he or she would have been a star court typist back in the day.

Another major change is that no one goes to the library anymore. All research is done at home, on personal laptops based on satellite Internet connections. Unfortunately, some people use search engines and questionable websites like Wikipedia as their only forms of research. Professors can usually detect this in about two sentences, and promptly give the students a very low mark, if not an outright F.  But there are also a lot of amazing online resources that satellite Internet has created. For instance, there are databases of thousands of scholarly articles that no one would have been able to access save for a few extremely keen graduate students if it were not for the ability to create online archives. People are also able to view scans of extremely old documents in library databases – original copies of 18th century novels, and historical maps dating back centuries as well.

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