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Inventory Control Clerk

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A firewood processor is a piece of industrial equipment, usually attached to a tractor with a saw or shear mechanism, that can create a vast amount of firewood from whole trees. Similar to a log splitter, a firewood processor can be used for both domestic and commercial use depending on size and power. However, they’re usually more associated with firewood production on a larger scale because of their size, and are ideal if not essential if you want to get into the commercial firewood business.
Firewood processors are widely available in the logging industry, where a huge variety of models are available each with differing levels of productivity, efficiency and cost. Each model can produce a different result and wood length, so it’s important to check all specifications to make sure it’s the model that you’re looking for. Always make sure that you thoroughly research the processor before you buy.
Firewood processors can be extremely dangerous. Jamming of logs in the machine must always be anticipated and expected, and care should be taken to reduce any safety risk to a minimum. Always ensure that the proper safety checks are carried out before operating the equipment, including making sure that all safety devices are in proper working order and that guards are in place, and continue to check these on a regular basis throughout the working day.
It is essential that the proper safety equipment is utilised when operating any firewood processor. Always make sure that you’ve got a suitable protective helmet – one that comes with eye and ear protection is vital – as well as reinforced gloves and safety boots. Never underestimate the dangers of working with firewood processors; always make sure you’re prepared and never operate equipment if you’re inhibited in any way.
Although all firewood processors are similar, each make and model will have completely different specifications and characteristics, each of which will affect operational practices. Always make sure that you thoroughly dissect the instructions for use whenever you buy a new product, to make sure you have recognised, understood, and know how to cope with any of those unexpected nuances.
Prices for firewood processors vary greatly depending on size, performance, output and purpose. A reasonable model can usually be found with a starting price of around $ 10,000, but this can rise sharply for models with more sophisticated specifications, or for those required for industrial use as opposed to domestic or recreational requirements.
Firewood processors are a great tool in the logging industry. They can quickly and efficiently create a vast amount of firewood, far quicker than anyone ever could manually. They are a vital piece of machinery in today’s industry, where speed and productivity go hand in hand.

Buying the correct firewood processor is not always easy. You need to find one that fits your needs. Get help learning whether an electric, gas or manual wood processor is correct for you!

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