Learn While you Earn with a Trucker

You maybe someone who’s dreaming to get a CDL in order to start building a career on truck driving but you don’t know where to get money in order to finance your study. There are many ways on how you can finance your CDL training but you may like the option where you can get your CDL and earn at the same time. This will definitely be exciting and a good way to spend your time and get your CDL. The training could be done on summer but should really take a full year.

You may be asking now how you can do that and how will it work.  To start with, you should get a copy of the CDL study guide which is available for free at your local department of motor vehicles licensing facility to take the written exam. You have to study it thoroughly then take the written exam to get your learner’s permit that will enable you to drive while in the presence of a qualified CDL driver.

After you get your learner’s permit, what you should do next is to find a truck driver who might be interested in hiring a ride-along helper. You can do that by visiting all the moving van line agencies in your area. Leave your number with them so that they can easily contact you whenever there’s a driver interested in hiring you. You can also go around to any truck shops to hang around and talk to truck drivers there, you might find one interested driver there to get you as a helper.

If you succeed in finding a driver who’s interested, offer him your service for the time being for a minimum hourly wage. In exchange for your cheap service, you can ask him to allow you take some time behind the wheel to get the necessary practice that you needed to take your road test. You can also ask him to teach you all he can to help you towards getting your goal.

After you get your actual CDL, you can also offer to work with him as a co driver and helper at the same time giving him more earning due to extra miles and quicker delivery.

It should also be part of the agreement that he will provide you atleast two meals a day with or without work. You will need that to have energy to work and perform your duty.

It would also be better if you could work with him for a year or more. This will give you an advantage in applying for a truck driver job since companies like more those who already have experiences on the road. Companies always want drivers who can drive their vehicles safely and deliver their goods to the best condition possible.

Whatever will be the outcome of this, it will surely be a fun and productive way of spending your summer or free time that will definitely help you in the long run. You should always stay focus on your goal and do all that you can to achieve your goal. Save the money that you will be earning and spend it wisely.

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