School Bus Accident Attorney

Parents across the nation must put a great deal of trust in the hands of school bus drivers and the entities who manage school transportation for their children. When that trust is violated and a school bus accident occurs, the results can be tragic.

More than 12,000 school-aged children suffer injuries in school bus-related accidents every year in the U.S. Actual school bus collisions or crashes account for over 40 percent of those injuries, and 25 percent of the injuries happen when children are stepping off or boarding a school bus.

Injuries can also happen to children when they experience:
• Roughhousing or violence from other children
• Slip and fall accidents
• A sudden turn or stop of the school bus that sends them falling or throws them against the side of the bus’ interior
• Lack of seatbelts

Causes of School Bus Accidents

Some of the most common causes of accidents involving school buses include:
• Poor bus maintenance
• Mechanical failure
• Worn tires
• Fatigued driver
• Distracted driver
• Driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• Blind spots
• Inclement weather
• Lack of driver training
• Speeding
• Poor road conditions, such as huge potholes
• Lack of or inadequate signage at bus stops

Types of School Bus Accident Injuries

Injuries sustained in school bus accidents run the gamut from mere cuts, scrapes and bruises to far more substantial injuries, such as:
• Bone fractures
• Internal bleeding
• Organ damage
• Spinal cord injury
• Traumatic brain injury
• Burn injury
• Neck/TMJ injury
• Emotional/mental trauma; as well as
• Wrongful death

Compensation: The Need for a School Bus Accident Attorney

Laws pertaining to school bus accidents make these cases complex. Liability can be related to public and private schools, mechanics, bus manufacturers, contracted maintenance, government entities that take care of roads, etc. Hiring a personal injury lawyer who has experience in the representation of those injured in school bus accidents can be an important step toward receiving compensation.

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