Buying an Electric Forklift Truck

Electric Forklift Trucks – The electric forklift is powered by large, heavy lead acid batteries. Fully charged, they can run for an 8 hour shift, or 5 or 6 hours of constant use. Forklifts can be powered by batteries or fuels such as propane, diesel, or gas. Electric forklifts have a few advantages when compared to the other types, some of these advantages include fuel emissions, lifespan and maintenance. This article will discuss some of the advantages of choosing an electric forklifts over other types.


One of the first advantages of electric forklifts is emissions. Unlike other types, these forklifts generate no emissions. Where a forklift is being operated primarily indoors the fact that these forklifts produce no emissions can ba a vital deciding factor, although propane-fueled forklifts can operate inside, the area will need very good ventilation to prevent a problem. Those that are powered by diesel or gas should not be used indoors at all.


Another advantage of electric forklifts is the fuel. These forklifts are much cheaper to operate than other types of forklifts. Electric forklifts have a lower cost per hour of operation than any of the internal combustion (IC) models.


Internal combustion engines can be very loud, have you tried operating a car indoors? Electric forklifts are powered by a battery and will, therefore, produce much lower levels of noise. This is a great benefit once again if you plan to use the forklift primarily indoors.


They have fewer moving parts than forklifts powered by other fuels and so have a much better lifespan. Also, due to the nature of the forklift, they are generally used in much cleaner environments and used indoors mostly so they generally have a much better lifespan (something to consider if you are looking for a used forklift). In addition to their longer lifespan, these forklifts are easier to maintain.

Obviously it wouldn’t be a balanced article without looking at the disadvantages. Electric forklifts have a higher initial cost. They can cost 20 – 40% more than other forklifts. Another downside to electric lift trucks is that their batteries need 8 hours charging, and 8 hours of cooling time before it can be used. Obviously in a production environment this means that a spare battery to use whilst the other is charging will be needed, if the forklift truck is need for 2 or 3 shifts. You will also need a battery charging station, which should be kept in dry, ventilated and temperature controlled location.

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