Product Description
Systems involving minimal contributions from person are more desired these days. This trend leads to introduction of automation in the processes. One such system is power system, Engineers have to design power system considering all the load and generation variations, all types of faults and outages possible that can damage power system and are harm to its reliability. All this work seemed tedious, but with the advent of time several great power system simulators were introduced that made all these analyses easy and fast. One is Power System Simulator for Engineers (PSS/E), which helps in system studies and gives responses quite real. But yet running different analyses for the purpose of routine check of large power systems can take many hours and it needs expertise in the software as well. So there is a need of much more simpler method to perform all these analysis. Luckily, PSS/E provides one such method. It involves developing some module/routine for every analysis through Python or Fortran.

Price: $98.01

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