Increase Profit From Cab Electronic Advertising

Yellowcab proprietors can make an extra earnings by promoting community companies to commuters in their taxi with bare minimum investment.

One and all is always searching to increase their paycheck, taxi cab owners are no different. Using digital marketing technology a vehicle owner can now offer promotional chances for regional advertisers for a small investment that has a swift and very profitable return on its investment.

The main edge is that the solution needs no technical knowledge, as the advertisers will furnish all the content for the advertisements, now all an owner has to do is to get a dynamic signage headrest, these are offered in a range of sizes but let us look at the base level units first.

A basic 7″ marketing headrest has an LCD display with a content player built into the head support, now to add the ads for advertising all anyone has to do is copy the files your advertisers gave you onto a usb device and insert the storage device into the headrest and this will update the ads.

Right, here is the maths, the headrests cost roughly $ 400, but keep in mind these headrests can store up to 100  three minute adverts and if you charged $ 100 per month per ad, now envisage how much additional money you will earn per month.

Month one would make $ 10,000 (100 businesses each paying $ 100 per month) minus the price of the headrest $ 400 gives an income in the primary month of $ 9,600, then the next months are all profit. Over twelve months the possible to generate an extra $ 119,400 for a one off investment of $ 400.

This is not the end of it, with the high end 3G minicab headrests, these offer further features such as transmitting discount coupons to your mobile phone, as well as using GPS to locate your position and surrounding businesses, making it ideal for any key city cab company when lots of tourists come through the city.

Now a 3G electronic signage head support will cost in the region of $ 799, but these will accommodate up to 150 organisations and they can upgrade their own ads through the cellular network so the taxi cab vendor does not need any technical knowledge. They can also pay an extra cost for being “featured” on the GPS map routing giving them highest coverage on the marketing equipment.

Utilizing the 3G yellowcab headrest you could increase your further profits based on your location, charging more for a city locality. The potential is to earn an additional $ 179,000 per year for a minimal investment whilst at the same time being seen by your passengers as providing a valuable service.

Who in this world could say no an added $ 100,000 per year for very little effort and expense, I for one would undoubtedly see how many ad slots I could sell to neighborhood businesses before I committed to acquiring the equipment, but the hardware is out there and developing every day. A couple of cab owners could get collectively and offer a deal to local firms creating their own in cab signage network, the more people that can see the ads, the more you can charge!

Graham is the the leading manufacturer a range of LCD enclosures, this range of product is supplied to digital signage integrators throughout the world, now they also offer an indoor solution a digital poster, but it does not have the protection of an LCD enclosure.

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