The Confederate Flag: A Brief History

Product Description
**Updated with Pictures of the Flags! With many in America calling for an outright ban on the "Confederate Flag", this book briefly details the history and versions of the Confederate flag, pointing out some misconceptions along the way. At the heart of this book, though, is the desire for all Americans to be truly united once again. The people are preoccupied with distractions like the flag controversy, and therefore aren’t having conversations about more important matters that are truly pressing that concern the United States as we have known it. It’s not so far-fetched to hypothesize that at least one of the reasons that the “Confederate Flag” is being condemned so widely by national leaders is that the flag, in essence, represents Rebellion. It represents individual rights. It would not be a stretch to imagine that certain people would want to erase symbols and memorials that remind the citizens that there is a precedent for living by the United States Constitution up to and including holding the government accountable and taking measures that the Southern States did in the late 1850’s and early 1860’s to preserve their rights and freedoms.

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