How to Disable Windows Live Messenger Yourself

If you are tired of seeing the Windows Live Messenger from your system for some reason or you have decided to use other Messenger like Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk, you can uninstall it or just simply disable it from your computer system.

If you install a Windows operating system, there are a couple of programs that are included in the package. One of these programs is the Windows Live Messenger which is called simply as the Windows Messenger. It’s new name is now Windows Live Messenger. Because there are now different kinds of instant messaging clients, many are now disregarding the use of the said program from their computer’s system. Some choose to uninstall Live Messenger while others just prefer to disable it. If you opt for the latter, here are the simple steps that would help you to disable Windows Messenger from your computer. However, before you can do so, make sure that you are running a Windows Vista or maybe a Windows XP Operating System.

Here are steps you can follow to disable Your MSN Messenger.

1. From your desktop, click the Start Menu. Or for a shortcut, check your keyboard and then press the button with the Windows icon. This is usually found between the CTRL and ALT keys but it still depends on the keyboard of your choice.
2. When the menu pops up, choose the option called Run.
3. It will then prompt a small box at the lower left corner of the screen.
4. Type in “services.mcs” at the box.
5. Don’t forget to click OK or simply press Enter from your keyboard.
6. You are now a few steps away so you can disable Windows Live Messenger from the system. There will be another box called Services that will pop up. From there, you can start looking for the program (Windows Live Messenger) from the list.
7. Once you see the Windows Messenger (for XP users) or Windows Live Messenger, double click using your mouse.
8. From the menu called Startup Type,
9. Choose the Stop option.
10. Click OK or hit Enter on the keyboard.
11. Close the window of the Services or press Alt+F4 at your computer’s keyboard.

These were the steps which I used to disable Messenger at my home computer whenever I decided not to use it anymore. I hope these will help you too in disabling Messenger Yourself. Good Luck

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