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Top 5 most popular processors Manufacturers

A Central Processing Unit (CPU), or sometimes just called processor, is a description of a class of logic machines that can execute computer programs. This broad definition can easily be applied to many early computers that existed long before the term “CPU” ever came into widespread usage.

Many manufacturers of processors have stabilized their market shares. Among them the most popular processors manufacturers are:

–> IBM Microelectronics – Microelectronics division of IBM, is responsible for many POWER and PowerPC based designs, including many of the CPUs utilized in late video game consoles.

–> Intel Corp – Intel, a maker of several notable CPU lines, including IA-32, IA-64, and XScale. It also produces various peripheral chips for use with their CPUs.

–> MIPS Technologies – MIPS Technologies, developers of the MIPS architecture, a pioneer in RISC designs.

–> Sun Microsystems – Sun Microsystems, developers of the SPARC architecture, a RISC design.

–> Texas Instruments – Texas Instruments semiconductor division. Designs and manufactures several types of low-power microcontrollers among their many other semiconductor products.

Tips on buying a CPU / Processor

Purchasing a processor is an important consideration when building or buying a computer:

–> The type of the processor can be a very important consideration for users who are building a computer. The type of the processor is not as important as the compatibility with the motherboard.

–> It is highly recommended that all processors have a heat sink. The heat sink helps to allow for the processor to remain cool and therefore run more efficiently. A computer processor with a missing, bad or failing heat sink will cause the computer to lock up, cause errors or encounter other issues. When looking at a processor, also consider the heat sink that will be attached to that processor and ensure that the processor being purchased is compatible with that heat sink.

–> The speed of the processor is an important consideration as it is what will rate the speed of the computer and help the computer run faster overall.

–> When looking at the speed of processors available, it is recommended by experts that you do not purchase or consider purchasing a processor that has just been released. The price of the processor will be at a premium price and if you give that processor 2-4 months it will drop in price dramatically.

–> Today, there is a wide availability of types of interface the CPU may connect to. When looking at the interface of the CPU, it must match that of what is on the motherboard unless it is possible to use a Slocket. We are a computer support support company proving a wide range of services such as : data recovery, website design, search engine optimisation, network setup, hardware and software supply, compputer repair, and computer support

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