The Messenger Was Lost In Deep Meditation

The Messenger Was Lost In Deep Meditation


The tired traveller in the silence of the night tried to gain tranquility and serenity.

He sent his messenger to explore peace,happiness,health and wealth for him around the globe.

The messenger while traveling came across the Himalayas and was attracted by the scenic beauty.

He was merged in the coolness and experienced a deep sense of ecstacy.


The traveller always communicated with the messenger and was very facinated by all coolness.

He was very much surprised by the Himalayan calmness.

Tranquility and serenity entered in to each cell of his body and mind.

Though the messenger never returned but the worries and anxieties of the traveller was lost for ever.


The messenger went to the top of the mountain and there he put his country’s flag.

The traveler was happy that he had achived the pinnacle of success.

The traveler was overwhwlmed with tremendous joy and ecstacy.

His life and works became finer and nobler.


The messenger after climbing the top of the mount everest found a beautiful cave.

There the messenger was merged in deep meditation with extreme silence.

The chantings of the messenger were so melodious and heart throbbing that the traveller became like a saint.

Being in a chaotic world he was not worried by the forces of actions and reactions.


The life of the traveller was totally transformed and he became a new individual.

It was a marvellous achievement of the messenger which helped the traveler a lot.

He worked more efficiently and vigorously bringing joy to self and others.

The thought processes of the messenger beautified the personality of the traveller.


He became serene and tranquil and developed excellent relationship with customers.

His work became both qualitative and quantitative.

He forgot all tiredness,worries and anxieties and all his fears were drowned in the Himalayas.

He became calm,serene and tranquil and worked with better spirit and vigiur.


The charmness of the Himalayas always danced before him.

Being overwhelmed by the charm his mind was filled with all positive thoughts.

The pregnant silence in him gave him hope and encouragement.

He was totally unperturbed by the disturbances of the world.


Keeping constant silent communication with the messenger the traveller was getting strength.

The whispers of the messenger was showing him new ways to acheive success and glory.

With deep concentration and purity he was studying the world.

His power of understanding was increased manifold.


He saw the world and self from a very close prospective.

Nothing was impossible for him and in every field he went to the peak.

With the meditative messenger and having an excellent communication he acheived many things in life.

He served self,family and society in a much better way.













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