Executive Sous Chef

Executive Sous Chef

The Sous Chef is responsible for supporting the Executive Chef in overseeing the day-to-day culinary operations of the Club. Starting salary $55k/yr….

Mid-America Club
Chicago, IL 60601

From ClubCorp 8 days ago

Amongst the top ingredients, nuts would have to be one of the front runners. They really are in so many dishes you might be suprised just how much you’d miss them if we didn’t have them. Excellent results are always about great ingredients though, so knowing your nuts is vital when creating appetising meals.

Some foods wil absorb aromas more readily than others. This typically takes place with food that is high in fat. Nuts have plentiful fat content, therefore they take on the aromas of nearby food easily. Consider this illustration: Nuts left near fruit in the kitchen will take on the odor of that fruit. This is undesirable, and to avoid it nuts should never be left uncovered. Put them in their own bag or pot, made ideally from glass or robust plastic. Smells can pass though a thin layer of plastic so you wil require something sturdy if you tend not to use glass.

Whether to buy nuts with or without shells is a quandry for cooks. As you might expect the nut’s shell will help conserve and protect the nut inside. If you’ll want to make us of your nuts over a period of several months then you’ll need them with shells, and most likely buy them in large volumes as well. It depends on how many nuts you use in your cooking. If you work with them a lot (and we think you will) the saving from being willing to shell them yourself can be significant.

Always do the following when working with nuts in a recipe. It’s always important to taste the nuts before adding them to your food. It’s important because the state of the nuts, whether they’re decaying or not, isn’t always as obvious as it usually is with other food The desire to spit comes immediately across anyone who bites a rotten nut. Your guests will want to spit out your final meal if you put a spoiled nut in it without tasting it, as the flavour will carry over. Make sure you decide if they’re good enough for your meal by tasting first.

You want to pay attention when buying nuts to find a store that has fresh stock on the shelves. Nuts lose their freshness so the longer they’ve been hanging around at the shop the less time you’ll have to store them.

Slow turnover stores are things like a small family owned store that tends to sell their products in a trickle. They could be many months old or even older, stuck on the shelves or in a stock room. Their storage life could be over by the time you get the chance to buy them.

Longer storage times at home can usually be accomplished by buying your nuts at a store with swifter turnover, which is usually a large store or chain which has a complicated supply chain and might deal in a huge amount of nuts every day.

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