Information On Live Messenger Emoticons

When you are enjoying your time on messenger and chatting away with one of your friends it is quite likely that at some point you will have added in a little emoticon in order to display exactly how you are feeling at that particular time. When you are not able to think of something specific to say, these live messenger emoticons are exactly what you might be after.

There are so many different types of emoticon that you might consider using. When you go onto windows you will be able to find a lot of free options but you will also be able to make and customise your own ones. In fact, a lot of the emoticons that you will see on windows will have been developed by different fans and are now being used by people all over the world.

There are all sorts of different options that you may want to use. These are all intended to be directed at all sorts of different people and in order to display all kinds of different emotions. There will be those made for women and men, those made to make you laugh and cry and those intended for more adult or younger audiences.

The word emoticon is interchanged with the word smiley but there is a small difference between these. A smiley is just a face, whilst an emoticon is more of an animation and can be more that just a stylised human face.

When you want to use these emoticons you are able to download them for free. There is no catch involved here and all you need to be doing is to go onto the messenger website and find the link that will take you to the emoticons. From here you will be able to choose the ones that you want and then download them at your leisure.

When you have done this you will be able to use them in any future conversations that you have.

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