Endorsements for Truckers

Being a truck driver is not an easy job. It may look not glamorous but it’s definitely a decent and honorable job to have. Trucking driving job is highly in demand now but not everybody can be a truck driver. Truck driving is also a highly demanding job that requires an individual to be physically and mentally fir to perform the job and must possess great driving skills. To be a truck driver one must also undergo certain period of training and pass the necessary tests needed to get his ‘passport’ to trucking industry…the CDL or commercial driver’s license.

All truck drivers must have their commercial driver’s license (CDL) which will allow them to drive and operate commercial motor vehicles (CMV) that weighs more than 26, 000 lbs. To obtain a CDL license you must undergo a CDL truck driving training and pass the skill tests given. Skill tests includes a pre-trip inspection and actual driving test, it also includes written tests which will measure your skills and knowledge on handling huge trucks. Your knowledge on mechanical systems that operates a truck like airbrakes as well as technical aspects will also be measured through this examination.  A regular medical examination is also required for truck drivers and must be declared physically fit for the job.

Having a CDL license alone will not allow you to drive all types of trucks or carry all types of contents. To operate a specialized truck or carry specialized or delicate materials, one must also obtain endorsements. There are different types of endorsement a driver must obtain for a specific vehicle or contents. Here are some of the most common endorsements:

The T Endorsements or the double/triple endorsement to obtain this endorsement you must pass the knowledge test. This endorsement will allow you to drive a double/triple trailers or combination vehicles.

If you want to be a bus driver, you must secure a passenger endorsement. To obtain it, you must pass both the skills and knowledge tests. To be a school bus driver, you must have a school bus driver endorsement and should pass both written and driving tests and must be clear from any background checks and sex offender registry checks.

To operate tanks and carry hazardous materials, one must have a hazmat endorsement and must pass the knowledge test. It is also a must to pass fingerprint and background checks. These checks have been mandatory since the 9/11 terror attack in US. This is to ensure safety for everyone. The hazmat endorsement on your CDL will allow you to drive tanks/truck that carries hazardous materials.

Truck driving job is a serious job to have. To be a truck driver is not easy as others think and it does require skills and enough knowledge. This is one honorable job that deserves respect and should not be underrated. If you are dreaming to be a truck driver or start a career on this industry, you should start now, train, practice, learn and be successful just like many others.  

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