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Driver Helper is one of the better driver update software programs available on the market. This is not too surprising considering that it comes from the same company with a great track record in registry cleaner programs and battery use optimization applications for laptops. While a lot of driver update software claim to save you time and effort when looking for driver updates, most have difficult to use menus and less than stellar performance. Driver Helper actually delivers on its promise to make updating your system drivers easier and faster.


Driver Helper does not have the wide range of features and extras that most software programs on the market have. It does have the sense to make the features that it offers turn out quality performance in a smooth and efficient way. It concentrates on making the services that you need from these software as effective as possible.


Driver Helper makes it a point to scan your system for outdated drivers and then going to the driver manufacturers directly to download updates. This makes the safety features that other driver update software offer unnecessary because you are sure that all your downloaded updates are safe and clean. The scan speed of the software is also tops compared to other software of its kind. However, the feature that got me hooked is that you can contact the company if the scan turns out any false positive so that they can address the problem and improve their product. Now that’s a company that cares about quality.


It comes as a surprise that a driver update software maker that is so concerned with detail and quality does not have a higher quality help and support system for its product. The literature on their site is a bit vague and does not really do anything to motivate potential users nor does it do justice to the quality of the product they offer.


Driver Helper is one of the top driver updates software programs out there. You will get the quality and performance that you expect and is worth every penny of the price you pay.


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