Yellow Cab Service Corp?s Cullan Meathe suggests hiring luxury sedans to transport your clients

Having your out-of-town client picked up from the airport by a luxury sedan sets the right tone for the subsequent meeting, says Cullan Meathe of Yellow Cab Service Corporation of Florida, Inc.


Passengers traveling to and from home, work, entertainment, shopping, social events, recreational activities and the airport rely on chauffeurs to get them to their destination in a no-stress, on-time, respectful manner. People living in or visiting a major city or one without extensive, convenient public transport know how valuable these services can be. These professional drivers also can be a valuable resource for business people and tourists who are strangers to the area.


Luxury sedans conjure up an image of someone opening your door as you arrive in style at your destination. The trip is pre-arranged. We have all seen chauffeurs at the airport waiting near the baggage claim and holding up signs with someone’s name on them. Many businesses form ongoing relationships with luxury sedan companies and rely on them to transport clients around town. There are private car services that regularly take clients to and from work or appointments, because those individuals don’t, or choose not to, drive. These services even offer full-time personal transportation for wealthy clients.


So, you need to hire a luxury sedan? How do you know that the company is reputable, the drivers polite, professionally dressed and punctual, and the vehicles well maintained and clean? How can you be sure the company will send the right type of car for your purpose?


According to Yellow Cab Service Corporation’s Cullan Meathe, you should choose a company that has a sufficient sized fleet of vehicles, so that there will be one readily available when you need it. Can it accommodate the number of people in your group, particularly if they are carrying luggage with them? Do their drivers have excellent safety records? When you contact the firm, how are you treated on the phone – and are they responsive online if you are a regular passenger? Do you or anyone traveling with you have physical disabilities?


Most companies will ask you if this is for a particular event. You will receive better value and service the more information you can provide. Let the company tell you about special services that it can offer.


As the old adage says, you get what you pay for. Not all luxury sedan companies provide the same level of service. Don’t just consider price in making your decision. Clarify ahead of time the cost of the trip, if this includes fuel surcharges and other add-ons, and how payment will be accepted. At Yellow Cab Service Corporation, we insist that our booking staff provide that information, even if not asked for it by potential customers.


Factor into your planning what time you need to be at your destination, in case there is an unexpected traffic tie-up. That is also a good reason to look for a company that is located reasonably close to you. Find out if the company’s policy is to contact you immediately if the driver will be delayed.


Airport luxury sedan services are popular with vacationers and with business professionals who travel a lot. The convenience factor alone makes them appealing to these groups. Most companies have a certain rate for to and from airport trips. The drivers are reliable, on time and can manage passengers’ luggage. They meet you at baggage claim and transport you right to your destination without any fuss. Air travel can be very stressful these days; it is gratifying not having to worry about the logistics of getting to your home, hotel or next appointment.


Checking to see if a company is reputable is relatively easy. As an example, Yellow Cab Service Corporation has been providing high quality, multifaceted transportation services to the greater Jacksonville, Palm Beach and Clearwater areas for decades. To be able to do this effectively, we train our drivers to meet our rigorous standards and administer and maintain all their USDOT qualifications. We insist on quality throughout our whole operation. Our reputation is extremely important to us.


If the experience your client or other passenger has is first-rate, you will contact that same car company the next time a similar need arises. So, when you want to hire a luxury sedan, remember to do a little homework and be prepared to ask questions. The results will be worth it.



John Smith

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