A Bus Tour What You Should Know

Of course travelling on a bus is different from other kinds of travel, so in this regard I would like to highlight some aspects.

The first rule – it is certainly that you should behave properly. I have heard so many times, that because of the bad behavior of other members of the tourist group, vacation for the rest can turn to a nightmare. Therefore, we must always be civilized tourists, and in any case, we should not provoke the other tourists for scandals. It is always better to show that you are more intelligent.

Second rule is of course respect. Respect other visitors. The most common case – it’s late to leave the group. Usually at the end of tours, it is given free time to enjoy the city and an exact time and place where the group is going to get back together for the bus. Please strictly adhere to these times – and this is also for the respect of the other tourists, who were on time for the bus and had to wait because of someone else. A systematic being late results in what is written above.

Another thing that always accompanies the report, but some tourists do not follow these report instructions is not to throw litter on the bus. Because your life is currently taking place on wheels, and a tasty snack in the bus is not forbidden, respect the work of drivers, because they keep the bus clean. Theoretically, the drivers themselves have hung on each seat a plastic bag for garbage collection.

The bus, for the convenience of tourists, has an air conditioner and a WC. It also has DVD, TV sets and a heater. Boiling water can brew tea, coffee, cook soup or noodles. But please be careful carrying the boiling water around the bus. Roads in Europe have sharp turns especially on the mountain roads. So be very careful not to spill the mug with boiling water on the other tourists.

Another point, which is very important for the drivers and the passengers – the use of the toilet. Its like they say, can be used in extreme cases. It is clear that this warning – “be used in extreme cases,” has raised fears of drivers that may not have enough tanks, and maybe save money on cleaning the same tank. I want to say this. The bus usually stops every three hours so that the passengers can stretch their legs and go for a stroll, eat and go to the toilet. That is enough. Well, your right to use the toilet in “extreme case” has not been canceled.

All your belongings are stored in the luggage compartment. However, it is desirable to allocate a separate package, where you put those that might be needed on the road, including food, not to climb into the trunk at each stop. If the bus is in perfect working order, then the air conditioner will work properly, and you will not be hot, but probably cold but it is not necessary. And in the back of the bus it would be colder than in the front, so asking the drivers to turn off air conditioner does not make sense.

The Danes have a word for coach holidays and it is Ls om busferie. Visit this Danish website if you are interested in going on one. The website can be translated with one click using Google Translator. If you would like to go to Italy for example, read this article.

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