Freedom by a Thread: The History of Quilombos in Brazil

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Freedom by a Thread: The History of Quilombos in Brazil brings together some of the best scholars in the world working on the history of quilombos (maroon societies) in Brazil from a variety of perspectives and approaches. Over 40 percent of the total volume of captive Africans arrived in Brazil during a 400-year period of legal and contraband transatlantic slaving. If slavery penetrated every aspect of Brazilian life, so did resistance—and co-existence with it—in the form of small to large-scale quilombos. Palmares and the other quilombos built an exciting history of freedom. Yet, it is a history filled with traps and surprises, advances and setbacks, conflict and commitments, while advancing their immediate interests and more ambitious projects of liberty. These events and many others are part of the history told in this book.

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  • Freedom by a Thread The History of Quilombos in Brazil

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