Lynchings Without Ropes: The Branches Where the Fruits of ‘Racial Profiling’ Grow

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***The Branches Where the Fruits of 'Racial Profiling' Grow *** A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE 'WAR ON BLACK FOLKS'... The news has been filled with reports of "attacks on Black people" and many injustices involving police shootings of innocent "people of color"-- ranging from the police shooting at Black men during the Hurricane Katrina the murder of SEAN OSCAR TRAVON MARTIN...and many, many more. This book makes a good supplement for COLLEGE STUDENTS studying CIVIL RIGHTS, BLACK HISTORY, SOCIAL JUSTICE, ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM...etc. -- and workshops that are examining the issues of racism, discrimination, and racial violence. Or for any fans of CULTURE STUDIES and BLACK HISTORY...this book is a must-have addition to your library. The pain of injustices was unearthed recently when an unarmed teenager TRAYVON MARTIN was murdered by a vigilante in Sanford, FL. A firestorm was unleashed.... marches, petitions, investigations, and protests occurred all over the nation. IT WAS THE 'STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMEL'S BACK.' President Obama encouraged everyone to "search their souls" to discover how this could have happened. AS WE KNOW: "Pictures speak thousands of words." Thus, this book uses pictures, cartoons, graphics, and other illustrations with short stories to help illuminate the cancerous sickness that has haunted the USA (and other nations) for centuries: WHITE RACISM.

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