Life and Adventures of Nat Love; Better Known in the Cattle Country as ‘Deadwood Dick’ (Paperback) – Common

    The BLACK Man in the WHITE House: Racism Is Alive and Well in America The Civil Rights Act of 1964 ended segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. While this law was created to protect voter’s rights and eliminate segregation in[…]

Brief Plot Lines Of A Unique Selection Of Hollywood Hits

Look below if you came to see motion picture reviews. If you want to download these movies do some searches to find what is out there. To get some good sites try to search phrases like “Best Music Download Services”, “Buy Movie Download”, or “Film Downloads”. The Great New Wonderful: A striking drama, set one[…]

Selling Charleston South Carolina Homes – Get Prepared. Get Results

A man’s castle is his domain, right? Charleston South Carolina homes are not typically open to the public, so even though one would like to move, the task and invasion of privacy can be a bit daunting. Strangers in and out. Not knowing what will happen or when. It can be stressful. There are several[…]

Antique Farms: a Great Family Heritage to Discover -Part III

Antique Farms are always interesting family outings that make history come alive. Just don’t tell the kids it’s a history lesson. Seeing how people worked and lived, especially in our own local areas really gives kids a connection to their heritage that is fun.My friend told me her daughters were still playing “farm” weeks after[…]