Bartolome de Las Casas: Great Prophet of the Americas

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Bartolome de Las Casas was a Dominican priest--a missionary who fought relentlessly for justice for the Native Americans and even for their status as human beings. He was fearless in standing up to the political and ecclesiastical powers of his time, and a tireless chronicler of events. In Bartolome de las Casas: Great Prophet of the Americas, Paul S. Vickery not only brings these aspects of this extraordinary man to life--but does so against the background of his own two conversion experiences in which he recognized his own hypocrisy as a seeker of wealth and owner of Indian slaves. The author richly describes Bartolome's journey to the New World in search of wealth and prestige--and his outrage upon seeing the cruel treatment of the Native Americans. He soon acquired a reputation as the "Defender of the Indians" as he tirelessly preached, wrote, and lobbied to defend these indigenous people from those who sought to exploit and enslave them. More than a cleric, political activist, or simple chronicler of events, Las Casas became the very conscience of Catholic Spain, a nation grappling with the spiritual mandate to save souls and the human desire to accumulate wealth. His quest for social justice is as relevant for us today as it was in his own time.

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Presents For Drivers

It’s rapidly approaching that time of year when gift-buying is pushed to the forefront of everyone’s minds. You know the time! So, with the jingle of sleigh-bells fast approaching, we must turn our minds to a singular problem: what would make a good gift for someone whose time is usually occupied with delivery work? In order to provide a little Christmas cheer for our friends on the roads, we’ve sat down and had a good, long think about some of the best presents we can come up with for drivers everywhere. Here are some of our best buys for the drivers in your life!

A Refreshing Choice

Something that many people enjoy is a nice meal, a quick snack, or even just a cold drink to keep them going while they’re zooming about the country doing their delivery work. So why not choose a small portable fridge as a present for a driver? The best bit is, it works year-round. In summer, it’ll keep sandwiches and drinks cool, and many come with heating options, so that in the colder months, they can easily keep a thermos of soup or coffee nice and warm with just a flick of switch. It’s something to keep a driver going until next Christmas!

Changing Channel

If there’s one thing that’s a constant in all delivery work, it’s downtime. Regular breaks are a necessity while making constant deliveries, and long-haul journeys can often leave drivers spending a night in their vehicles with nothing to do. So why not decide on a portable DVD player as a gift this year, with a selection of movies or television series box sets to keep the driver in your life entertained whilst out on the road? Downtime between deliveries will never drag again, whether you choose a light-hearted comedy or a thrilling and suspenseful movie to while away their spare hours.

For The Driver Who Has Everything

The next time a driver returns from their delivery work, pay special attention to their wallet – it’s guaranteed it will be overflowing with receipts from all the service station food and snacks they’ve purchased along the way! Whether it’s a sandwich and packet of crisps just to keep going until dinner, a can of Pepsi to wash it down with, or a coffee for a little boost in the evenings – it’s incredible how quickly it all adds up. Regular food and drink stops are part and parcel of delivery work – so why not treat your driver to a Starbucks or Costa Coffee voucher? It’ll give them the chance to swap basic roadside coffee for something a little more special – and they’ll think of you with every cup.

It can definitely be hard to think up a good idea for a present when the recipient will always be on the road. But before you despair, give up, and fill their stocking with essential road supplies such as air-fresheners and de-icer, why not use your imagination for other present ideas that will make delivery work a little more fun?

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