The Importance of a Futures Data Feed to the Commodity Trader

Many investors like to trade in commodities, or tangible items that we use in daily life. Such commodities include items like corn (which we eat in our cereal), lumber (which provides our dining furniture), gold (in our watches), cotton (in our clothes), steel (in our busses and cars), and currency (which we use to buy[…]

The Easiest Way To Trade In Commodity Market?

The futures market offers the opportunistic investor the option of using small amounts of their own money to control large amounts of products, including gold, currencies, and agricultural commodities. A futures contract is a legally binding contract to deliver, if you are selling, or to take delivery, if you are buying, of a specific commodity,[…]

Manage Risk for Big Returns on Commodity Futures Trading

If your capital is limited, but you want to get involved in investing, commodity futures trading may be a great investment for you to start with. It can turn your small investment into a large return. However, if you go into commodities thinking you will get rich quickly, you may risk losing your money. Refer[…]

Commodity Futures Trading Basics

A sound trading strategy involves high probability risk/reward, money management and decisive adjustments. Let’s look at what it takes to have success in commodity futures trading. What skills does it take to be successful in agricultural futures trading and what are some important points to remember? ## A Strategy for Trading Commodity Futures You need[…]

Tips for Evaluating Commodity Futures Prices

Barchart ( provides a comprehensive and detailed view of commodity futures prices. Some of the futures commodities listed include grains, meats, metals, and softs. The following items are covered under grains: Wheat Canola Soybeans Oats Spring Wheat Soybean Oil Rough Rice KCBT Red Wheat Corn Soybean Meal┬áThe following are items covered under meats: Live cattle[…]

Top Tips for Commodity Futures Traders

Commodity trading offers a vast horizon for the traders and investors. This is so because many commodities are extremely essential for life and therefore, under any circumstances, commodity trade never declines. Commodity Futures is actually a contract, in which two parties agree to buy and/or sell an agreed quantity of their chosen commodity on a[…]

Managed Futures Choosing a Commodity Trading Advisor

Over the last seven years, the amount of money invested in managed futures has more than quintupled! According to hedge fund tracking firm Barclays, assets under management rose from about 41 billion dollars in 2001 to more than 219 billion dollars today! As worldwide demand for commodities continues to heat up and more investors (institutional[…]

Secure Wealth – Invest In A Commodity Futures Trader

Investing in commodities can make you far wealthier that you could imagine, so long as you know the in’s and out’s of the commodity market. Although there is always a risk in any investment, being unfamiliar with the commodities market can lead to an unnecessary misfortune. That’s why it is essential to learn commodity trading[…]