Outsourcing Statistics Facts & Figures

The outsourcing statistics have revealed so many amazing facts and figures about the difference I past and future prospects of business companies all over the world. Different debates are still floating in the air about the uses of outsourcing in business economies of the world. This article is also designed to investigate about the facts[…]

Hendren Global Group Top Facts on Asia’s Contribution to the Global Economy: Is playing Catch-Up Good?

Reviewing the decade-and-a-half journey of China from a lagging economy to one that has surpassed many nations in Europe in terms of average income generation, the article describes the dire realities that beset the once sleeping-giant-turned-global-power. Using Hong Kong as the standard by which to measure economic growth, average incomes dip to 50% in Shenzhen,[…]

Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Outsourcing to India

The first factor that contributes to India leading in outsourcing services is the infrastructure of the country. The second factor to contribute to the outsourcing in India is manpower. The third factor is the cost effectiveness or the affordability. Outsourcing to India is done by most if not all companies in need of various services[…]