The Importance of a Futures Data Feed to the Commodity Trader

Many investors like to trade in commodities, or tangible items that we use in daily life. Such commodities include items like corn (which we eat in our cereal), lumber (which provides our dining furniture), gold (in our watches), cotton (in our clothes), steel (in our busses and cars), and currency (which we use to buy[…]

Importance of Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) in Fuel Injection System

Most of the cars available in today’s market are equipped with high performance electric fuel injection systems (FIS). The fuel pressure regulator (FPR) is a critical component of FIS. It helps FIS to function efficiently and it improves the overall performance of the car. More about FPRFPR is located inside the fuel tank in some[…]

The Importance of Monitoring Futures News

Futures contracts are commitments to purchase commodities with inherent values at a specified date. They are used by the producers of such commodities in order to regularize their income and protect themselves from volatile markets. Examples of futures are steel futures, oil futures and agricultural futures such as sugar, wheat, soybeans and corn. Futures can[…]