Importance of Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) in Fuel Injection System

Most of the cars available in today’s market are equipped with high performance electric fuel injection systems (FIS). The fuel pressure regulator (FPR) is a critical component of FIS. It helps FIS to function efficiently and it improves the overall performance of the car. More about FPRFPR is located inside the fuel tank in some[…]

Benefits of Using Fuel Injection System (FIS) Over Carburetor for Your Car

Carburetor versus fuel injection system (FIS) has for long been a debatable topic in automobile industry. While carburetors ruled the roost for several decades, modern FIS has dominated in recent years. Each has its advantages and disadvantages but, FIS brings many benefits when compared to traditional carburetors. Sending air and fuel mixture into the cylinders[…]

All You Need To Know About Fuel Injection Service

Like with everything, your automobile or vehicle too needs servicing on a recurrent basis. Effective maintenance of your vehicle translates into better operational efficiency and reliability and enhanced durability which ultimately ensures that you and your family are able to travel safely. From the day you started driving your car, it has been gathering dust[…]

Emphasis on Fuel-efficient Vehicles Puts Automotive Fuel Delivery and Injection Systems Market in High Gear, to Reach US$72.76 bn by 2021

According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research “Automotive Fuel Delivery and Injection Systems Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 – 2021,” the automotive fuel delivery and injection systems market was valued at US$ 54.60 bn in 2014, and is expected to reach US$ 72.76 bn[…]

FMI: Fuel Injection System Market Dynamics, Supply Demand, and Analysis 2015-2025

The Fuel injections system is a vital mechanism in engine of vehicles to ensure proper flow of fuel through the engine. The performance of engine is heavily dependent on performance and reliability offered by Fuel injection system. Automobile, defence & military, mining industries and aviation are key end-users of Fuel injection systems. The fuel injection[…]

Fuel Injection Systems – Major Components and How They Work

All modern cars are now equipped with fuel injection systems (FIS) replacing carburetors. FIS is a combination of various components that co-ordinate and work together to deliver optimum engine performance. Failure of any single component can lead to improper functioning of the system and sometimes results in serious engine issues. This article is about the[…]

Popular Types of Fuel Injection Systems Used in Automobiles

Fuel injection system (FIS) is the primary fuel delivery system in automotive engines that injects fuel to facilitate combustion. FIS replaced carburetors and all modern vehicles now have fuel injection system. Though both carburetors and fuel injection systems perform same task of supplying fuel, they differ in the way they do it.Fuel injection system is[…]