London Dungeons British Sign Language Tour

The London Dungeon invites you to delve into the capital’s most blood-curdling history. Our gruesomely ghastly British Sign Language interpreter will take you on an exclusive guided tour through London’s dark past from demon barber Sweeney Todd to the infamous Jack the Ripper. Live actors, 3 hair-raising rides, shows and special effects transport you back[…]

Speaking a New Language – One Good Path to Achievement

No matter which language you speak, you know that your ability is an obvious sign to the amount of success you can achieve. President Barack Obama, of the United states will always be a great orator before anything else, and a good president after, but he was the choice over many different viable political candidates[…]

Using Machine Language Subroutines For High Speed Vector Mathematics

A number of years ago I worked on a project that required extensive manipulation of digital waveforms; the waveforms were stored in double precision floating point vectors (or arrays if you prefer). We quickly discovered that even when we compiled the programs we were not getting the speed required because of the loops needed to[…]