Let Us Take A Closer Look At All The Auto Financing Options For Bad Credit

Auto financing options for people with bad credit is generally known as bad credit auto loans. These loans are usually provided by private agencies and car dealers. You can apply for these auto financing options with a bad credit history. This loan is very similar to that of the normal bank loan. But usually auto[…]

Credit Repair Scams and What to Look Out For

It is an unfortunate truth that the credit repair industry as a whole has taken a lot of heat because of the actions of several unethical and (sometimes) illegal credit repair organizations. The Federal Trade Commission has worked with various states’ attorneys general to shut-down those credit repair companies that operate outside of legal procedure.[…]

What Does a Perfect Credit Score Look Like? – Habits of High Credit Score Consumers Analyzed

The average credit score in the US is around 692 points. There are many people with bad credit, whose scores can go as low as 350 points. And then, on the other end, are those few with perfect and near perfect credit, who have scores from the high 700s to 800 or more. One half[…]