Africa Reader, The: Colonial Africa – African Reaction and Adaption, Emergence of Masses, Formation of National Institutions

      How You Can Earn A Living From Home   Some people will inevitably do better than others in life financially, but the good news is that anyone can truly succeed at business if they have something to offer and a great work ethic to see it all through. Obviously this isn’t the[…]

Economic Debauchery, The Political Profiteer And The Devastation Of The Masses For The Profit Of The Institutional Few

Yep! Quite a mouthful but let it sink in. The self proclaimed economic elite make rules and mistake that affect all of us, there only accountability is a quick senate hearing where they are interrogated for show and afterwards have champagne and cocktails in chambers and laugh off the comments of the day and plan[…]

The Protesters Will Save America – The Protesters are the Saviors… not the Dumbed-Down Masses

The protesters are the ones we should listen to during these tough economic times, government bailouts, and massive corporate corruption. People have the right to peaceful protests. The protesters come out to exercise these rights. They want to be heard. Media coverage of these events is important, but some news reporters feel the need to[…]