The Best Recession – Proof Business in a Bad Economy

Are you looking for a recession proof business? People all over the world are affected by this recession and tough economy. Once solid jobs and businesses are disappearing rapidly. Retirement income and savings are disappearing just as quickly for many as well. Many thousands of people are looking for a way to make more money[…]

Profit With Currency Trading in a Declining Economy or Recession

When you are discussing your financial life, it is a good idea to follow the motto of many governmental agencies such as the CIA: “Plan for the best, prepare for the worst.” In our present economy today there are many volatile factors that may prove tumultuous for the average person’s finances, and it is certainly[…]

Crime and the Recession

It has long been noted that in a recession, certain categories of crime may rise. With the economy in rough shape, criminals are getting more desperate in their attempts to steal. When people lose everything, and their very survival is at risk, they may be tempted to break the law. In today’s economy, in which[…]

Should You Look At A Recession Proof Industry?

Not a day passes that we don’t learn about more layoffs, companies failing and rising numbers of unemployed. Students and employees are overwhelmed by the entire situation. In this market, traditional employment is increasingly difficult to find. Looking for a ‘perfect’ job seems virtually impossible. The reality is that jobs are available during a recession.[…]

How Long Will Recession Last?

The US economic recession started in December 2007 and plunge the economy to an all time low. With George Bush out and with President Barack Obama in charge, the Congress and Senate wasted no time and immediately approved the massive $ 787 billion stimulus package which was designed to jump start the economy’s recovery. The[…]

Regency Associates: US Heads For Recession As Data Worsens

Regency Associates: A stream of negative economic data from the US is painting a grim picture of contracting growth and eventual recession. Analysts at Regency Associates say they are convinced the world’s largest economy will enter recession in 2016 as weakness in key areas of the economy including retail, housing and manufacturing weigh on growth.[…]