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    Influence of Slavery on Political and Economic Development in the United States From 1619-1865 The institution of slavery has played an important role in history of the United States until the abolishment of slavery in 1865. Slaves were common in both Southern and Northern states from the arrival of first African slaves in[…]

There Will be No Long Term Recovery Without Major Structural Changes to the United States Economy

To have a long term recovery, there must be major structural changes in the economy. I can just hear the laughter by the economists in the President Obama administration. “What are you talking about? The economy is already recovering,” they say. The stock market has been soaring for several months. Just a couple of weeks[…]

The Economic Recovery And Credit Repair

As the economy regains its footing and the financial markets stabilize lenders will start to expand their lending parameters again. It is a cyclical inevitability. But there will be differences this time; differences that will make credit repair more of a necessity than ever before. The differences in the credit markets that will bring credit[…]