Addicted to Rehab: Race, Gender, and Drugs in the Era of Mass Incarceration (Critical Issues in Crime and Society)

  Things You Need To Know About Real Estate Investing   A good investor is someone who is really understands what they are putting their hard-earned money into. Don’t be someone who just blindly follows someone who says that it is a good investment. That is the quickest way to lose everything. Below you will[…]

Drug Rehab Programs in the US Prison System

Drug rehab can be far more important than incarceration in helping criminals become productive members of society. Because people who commit theft and violent crimes so often suffer from addictions, most states maintain drug rehab programs in their prisons. However, state and local governments across the country have shown dubious support for these programs, and[…]

Christian Rehab for Drugs Assists Families, Careers, and Finances

Family relationships, career progression, and personal finances are improved by Christian drug rehabilitation. Problems once thought to be unsurmountable are quickly and easily solved by drug rehab in a Christian context. One of the most devastating things that can happen to a family’s finances is the career impact of drug addiction. This may be to[…]