Manage Risk for Big Returns on Commodity Futures Trading

If your capital is limited, but you want to get involved in investing, commodity futures trading may be a great investment for you to start with. It can turn your small investment into a large return. However, if you go into commodities thinking you will get rich quickly, you may risk losing your money. Refer[…]

Credit Card Processing Considerations for High Risk Industries

Some businesses just naturally have more risk than others. If your business happens to be one of these, you may have been turned down by one credit card processor after another. You may have heard the words “high risk merchant” tossed around and you may have wondered if there are any merchant account providers willing[…]

Mismanaged American Economy at Great Risk

Bankers, who benefit from the American fractional reserve banking system, never criticize the Fed, especially since it is the lender of last resort that bails out financial institutions when crises arise. This year the Fed even extended its bailout provisions to Wall Street brokerage firms, like Bear Sterns, but the Fed’s aggressive actions in trying[…]