Business Credit Scores Versus Consumer Credit Scores… What You Should Know

Business Credit scores are based only on whether the business pays its bills on time. As a result, a business owner can obtain credit much faster using their business credit profile versus their personal credit profile. Personal credit scores are based on five factors: Payment History – 35%, Utilization – 30%, Length of Credit History[…]

Repairing Damaged Credit Scores: How to Raise Your Score 120 Points

A bad credit score can affect so many different areas of a person’s life, and makes life far more difficult than if you had a good credit score. A bad credit score can lock you out of the best loans, best credit cards, best apartments, houses, and even jobs. Because of this, repairing a bad[…]

To Repair Your Credit You Must Boost Your Credit Scores

A credit score is a statistical breakdown that is used to settle on creditworthiness. It takes into deliberation all of the information on a credit report including both helpful and destructive information and the amount of credit accessible compared to the total of credit used and all open accounts. You can take actions to repair[…]

Finally!!! The Answer to Why You Have So Many Credit Scores

There are MANY different credit scores out there. There are credit scores consumers can pull themselves through credit monitoring, mortgage scores, auto scores, and many more. There are actually over 16 different credit “scorecards” that exist today with FICO alone. Each of these scorecards will reflect different credit scores. These scorecards are designed to help[…]