Why Trade With Stock Futures – 3 Incredible Facets to know!

Whether you blame it on the market volatility or call it the investors’ illiteracy, inclination to play safe has considerably increased over the past few years. As a result, many traders and investors have leaned towards the futures market and this likely is expected to grow even further. At this time when staying abreast with[…]

Future News of Indian Stock Market

Article:U.S. futures regulators seeking to bolster protection of customer funds after the collapse of MF Global Holdings Ltd. and Peregrine Financial Group Include should allow clients to put collateral in separate accounts at custody banks, according to representatives of State Street Corporation. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission should revoke a policy enacted in 2005[…]

Index Fund Trading Using Technical Stock Market Analysis – What Every Trader Should Know

Index Fund trading using technical stock market analysis can be one of the most profitable…or most costly exercises you will ever undertake. While trading a basket of stocks has it’s advantages, such as removing the risk of any single company you own going bust and taking all of your money with it, stock indexes (on[…]

Pros and Cons of Futures Trading For Stock Speculation

Futures contracts were originally designed as hedging tools or “insurances” for the trading of commodities like wheat. As the production of wheat takes a long time and prices may change for the better or worse during that year those wheat takes to grow to maturity, the buyer of the wheat can go into an agreement[…]

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iFuture Capital , a subsidiary of iFuture Systems located in Bangalore. We hold tremendous success and experience in developing advanced technologies. Our expertise in algorithm development has enabled us to tap and unleash the potentials of Indian Stock Market.iFuture Systems over the years has established itself as one of the leading Automated Machine Vision company[…]

Introduction Stock Futures Contacts Exchange India

In fund, a futures contract is a standardized contract amid 2 parties to purchase or sell a determined asset of standardized amount and quality at a cost settled upon today with delivery and payment happening at a detailed future date, the delivery date, making it a derivative item. The agreement is negotiated at a futures[…]