Using Machine Language Subroutines For High Speed Vector Mathematics

A number of years ago I worked on a project that required extensive manipulation of digital waveforms; the waveforms were stored in double precision floating point vectors (or arrays if you prefer). We quickly discovered that even when we compiled the programs we were not getting the speed required because of the loops needed to[…]

Benefits of Using Fuel Injection System (FIS) Over Carburetor for Your Car

Carburetor versus fuel injection system (FIS) has for long been a debatable topic in automobile industry. While carburetors ruled the roost for several decades, modern FIS has dominated in recent years. Each has its advantages and disadvantages but, FIS brings many benefits when compared to traditional carburetors. Sending air and fuel mixture into the cylinders[…]

Pump, Measure and Dispense with ease using the electric fuel pump 12v!

Electric Fuel Pump 12v is convenient for transferring fuel with ease. This DC pump is easy to operate. After the introduction of mechanical injection systems environment restrictions have forced manufacturers in making environment friendly vehicles. This restriction has lead to the introduction of Electric Fuel pump 12v and revamped engine management. This has resulted in[…]

The Exciting Possibilities of Using Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel

President George W. Bush annouced a $ 1.2 million hydrogen fuel iniative in his State of the Union address in 2003. This iniative was designed to reduce the dependence America has on foreign oil that provides the petroleum we desire to produce gasoline to power our vehicles. This iniative was critical in allowing scientists to[…]

Encourage Your Baby To Speak By Using Sign Language

Before even trying to put whole phrases into your infant’s mouth, you should realize the importance of emphasizing what the different words mean. It will be so much easier for your baby to comprehend enough to construct his first few phrases and sentences if the meanings of the words are crystal clear to him. Meanings[…]